07 March 2012

Need to Read: Wild

"And then there was the real live, truly doing it."

Wild, a memoir of one woman's journey through the Pacific Crest Trail, came to my attention after picking up this month's Vogue. It is described as a mix between Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray Love and Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild. 

I read an excerpt from the book in the magazine, which can also be found here on Vogue's website. It doesn't come out until March 20, but I can't wait to have it downloaded onto my Kindle & let the adventures begin. 

06 March 2012

TED talks: A Great Story

I think that I've always loved to tell stories. I was an only child until I was 8 years old, when my little brother was born. So for those first 8 years of my life, I had to be creative about how I'd keep myself entertained and not bug my mom every 10 minutes with my whining, "I'm boooooreedddd." (Her response? "Hi, Board, I'm nail! It'd drive me crazy).

I have memories of talking to myself, playing House and Store, and eventually having some imaginary friends. I remember after I saw Harriet the Spy I pulled out my raincoat and notebook and tried to spy on my neighbors in the adjacent apartment buildings.

I came across this TED talk from their Facebook page.. and while the speaker, Andrew Stanton seems to be promoting his new film, it does relate to great story-telling. As a person who wants to write and tell stories to make a living, I found this to be very inspirational and helpful in my endeavor! Watch & let me know what you think.

05 March 2012

the legendary miss britney spears

OK, this video is borderline creepy, but with all of the love that I have for Britney Spears, I had to post it. Say what you want about her, but I've always got her back!

04 March 2012

Virtual Vacation to... Palm Springs, CA

on the way to Palm Springs

 Let's take a drive, shall we? It will only take us two hours! How about we go to one of my most favorite places to vacation, Palm Springs. The hot, dry desert feels so good on my skin which is used to the ocean breeze and moisture (rough life, huh?). 

Pack your bags with your best bathing suits, sunglasses, and a good book or two... don't forget the sunscreen & Maui Babe for the best tan..
via Arielle
via Arielle
Of course, we'll stay at my favorite hotel, The Ace! (But, I've been hearing great things about the Viceroy & Alcazar, too).

via Arielle
We'll raid the mini bar, it will be too hard to resist when they make it look so nice like this. I think a Tanqueray & tonic with lime will be perfect by the pool in the day, and at night while we gaze at the clear, star-filled skies in the hot tub.

via Arielle
via Arielle

Feeling the warmth of your skin during dinner & the tan lines that accumulate are the best. 

We'll sit by the firepits outside of our room while we keep the vinyls spinning... We'll order cocktails with cucumber & mint while we snack on chips & guacamole...


Wouldn't it be nice?