30 January 2012

inspiration mondays

I found this graphic somewhere on pinterest, and was immediately drawn to it. Yeah, yeah, stuff like this is posted everywhere- but for some reason last night, it really stuck with me. It made me realize all of the great things I have in my life by following the things on this list. And also that I wouldn't be where I'm at today without taking risks and going to this new place in northern California. Sometimes taking a step back and really looking at what is in front of you, you realize all of the goodness that is there. 

I pulled out a collage/paint/drawing book and some oil pastels & pencils and was up until 2 just letting some creativity flow out of me. It felt soo good. Today isn't any different; it feels good to be visiting this side of me again, it's been much too long. 

Stay curious, and remember that it's not always as bad as it seems. 

21 January 2012


I go through waves of being homesick. 

Don't get me wrong; it feels great to have moved so far from home and doing things independently (I'm getting there), but being at such a great distance from the place that you grew up is tough. Being away from the ones that I love, the comforts and familiarity of all that surrounded me there. 

This week has been great: a new job (finally), actually being passionate & excited about said job, and meeting some great people. My mind has been occupied with thoughts about ingredients to items on a 21-page menu, 30 different kinds of cheesecakes, and waking up early enough to make it there on time. 

But now that things are slowing down, my feelings of home-sickness have returned. Talking to my friends on Facebook chat, seeing posts on Instagram, only talking to my boyfriend once a day... it simply isn't enough for me. 

I can only say that 'I miss you,' so much. It starts to get old. When will it be that I can see you? Be next to you? Make plans with you for tomorrow? For next week? Tell you that I want to get my Disneyland pass again, because the rest of you go every night and I'm so jealous.

Evenings filled with cotton candy, churros, Space Mountain, spinning teacups, and don't forget the fireworks. Afterward, we can go home and be lazy babes on the couch; you can pick the movie tonight. No, you. 

This short video by Gia Coppola really makes me miss home. It has all of the elements of a summer day in Huntington Beach: palm trees swaying in the breeze with a clear blue sky backdrop... salty bathing suit tops and tan skin underneath your dress... messy buns on top of your head.. late nights and cheap beer.. I miss these things so much. I miss these things being in my life all of the time. I miss them being an option to my day. 

This is my life at 22 23. 

20 January 2012

Video of the Day

How happy does this make you on a scale of 1-10? And the song used? And all of her little head wraps? Stylish, happy, little girl.

Thank you to my friend for posting this on Facebook, first!

18 January 2012

Distraction #1

Oh, hi.

Just trying to study/do homework/go to bed at a decent hour, but was distracted by bloglovin'. Of course.

It's been a while since I've visited Rumi:

Just a Roberto Cavalli dress, it's fine. 

17 January 2012

Two Babes Too Many

If you haven't caught onto the trend of __________ people having problems, or shit __________ people say, well I don't really know where you have been. You should probably google that immediately.

One of my favorites, and maybe the original, is White Girl Problems (twitter---> here). Although I find the 'problems' to be very mundane and spoiled-sounding, I totally agree with 97% of them and have had such problems in my own life. #SoHard #ThatsWhatSheSaid

Stop trying to make fetch happen.


Below is the only video that has been posted so far by Babe Walker, the girl handling the twitter feed.

Since then, Babe has been doing blog posts on various rants, gives advice, and tells it like it is in a white girl world. 

Which brings me to my next babe, Lana Del Rey. 

I don't know if I'm late to this parade, but she is amazing. She gives off this retro, sultry, sexy kind of vibe. Her voice reminds me of Chan Marshall (Cat Power) a little bit, but has the attitude as if we were in the 40s and glam is where it's at. I don't know much about her; but I do know that some people have said her performance on SNL sucked, that Lana is a stage name but I've always loved that name, so she wins, and that her hair is as pretty as a mermaid, and lips as huge as ever.

As you can see, she is amazing and it is kind of hard to hate her. 

'Your karaoke slut act is so fucking rude.'

16 January 2012

You rule, Wes Anderson

I think I've watched this about six times now. How does Wes Anderson do it? I can't wait to see it.

Quiksilver Spring '12

All that came to mind when I saw the new Quiksilver Spring '12 collection was picnics on the beach, flowers coming into bloom, warm afternoons with the breeze in my hair, and new memories.

13 January 2012

Feeling homesick

And this preview has made it worse...

I love French subtitles and anything that involves me crying in movie theaters. (???)