07 November 2011

watch instantly tonight

Hello! It has been a very un-productive/productive Sunday to say the least. Un-productive if you think doing homework is what I should have been doing, or productive if you think I should have been in my pajamas in bed while drinking coffee & Watching Instantly on Netflix all day.

Because that is exactly what I have been doing. Oh, and I painted my nails #dark.

Anyway, if you are one of many who has the funds to watch instantly on Netflix, (or I've just realized it's streaming on Hulu, too!) I suggest you watch Bill Cunningham New York. It's a documentary about the original street style photographer who shoots for the New York Times style section. He's been at it for years!

After watching and my nails had dried, I was really inspired to get a film camera, to write more stories, to take my journalism class more seriously, and to go shopping for cuter clothes.

You can look at Bill's shots from this week here.

P.S. a list of the 10 best documentaries here. I would add Babies & The September Issue, though!

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