22 February 2012

the blind leading the blind

These past couple of weeks, I've had many of my friends tell me that they need my advice, they need someone to talk to, that their boyfriends' suck.

I've realized some things from their experiences & my own:

  1. clichés are clichés for a reason. because they're usually right & true. 
  2. if you think you deserve better, you probably do.
  3. no, your boyfriend shouldn't have naked photos of his ex somewhere in his room.
  4. yes, your boyfriend should tell you he loves you daily
  5. your boyfriend/girlfriend should push you towards your goals & make you want to work harder for them. they should support you.
  6. you cannot fully love someone until you truly love yourself. how can another person accept your flaws if you can't either?
  7. you can't have the good days without some bad ones (and the bad ones shouldn't outweigh the good).
  8. a person's friends can say a lot about them
  9. you don't/won't know until you try.
  10. you friends will always have your back

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